The Planetwalker is out now

Part 2 of the Planetwalker Trilogy, aptly named The Planetwalker, is out now almost everywhere. When I’m writing this, there are still some outlets left in the roll-out, but I expect them to be finished during the day.

The Planetwalker picks up the story right where The Challenger left off. Imogen and her friends are stranded on Alamea and have to find someone to help them return to Conestoga and set things right. Problem is, Alamea is home to two civilizations on the brink of war, and an indigenous minority species that isn’t all that fond of their colonizers.

I wrote this book over the course of this year, expanding on the universe I had created for The Challenger. More characters, more locations, more badassery.

And how about that cover? My friend, Martin Trokenheim, was one of the earliest readers – sort of like an alpha more than a beta, I think – in order for him to pick a scene to illustrate. And he really outdid himself, I think. Check out some of these awesome concept sketches and details.

Special offer

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Happy reading!

The Adventure Continues…

Marooned on the planet Alamea, Pioneer Imogen Hart and her team have to find a way back aboard the spaceship Conestoga—their home. But their arrival on the planet has not gone unnoticed. The wild beasts of the jungle are watching, and war is brewing between the two nations already inhabiting the planet. The unwelcome visitors could quickly become the spark that lights the fuse.

Imogen soon finds herself a pawn and a prize in the race for world domination. The question is: will she be in time to stave off disaster?

Image of three formats for The Planetwalker: e-book on phone, e-book on tablet, and paperback.

The sequel to THE CHALLENGER arrives in bookstores everywhere on the 1st of November. This time, we meet our heroine, Imogen Hart, in serious trouble. Following the events of THE CHALLENGER, she and her team of impromptu Pioneers have the harsh environment of Alamea to contend with.